​​​​​Deb Davis
Non-Attorney Education Advocate

Formally of Deb Davis Advocacy


From a parent with an elementary school aged child, in the Westbrook School Department

One of Deb’s most impressive traits is that she is highly self-motivated. She takes the initiative to learn new things and to be well informed. She voices her concerns and questions in a very appropriate manner. She works very hard and is dedicated to what she wishes to accomplish.

Deb has been very sensitive to my concerns, frustrations, and difficulties dealing with my daughter’s school. She has shown me that she has the ability and knowledge to work with all levels of the school department and also demonstrates she cares a great deal about the welfare of my daughter. Deb’s disposition is very caring and professional. 

In short, I enthusiastically recommend Deb. Deb's written and verbal communication skills are exceptional. She maintains a professional relationship with all those she encounters. She has not only educated me in many areas regarding my daughter’s educational needs she has been a person to turn to when the IEP meetings have made no sense. She has also been my rock. I could never completely explain the dedication and compassion she has shown my family.

From a parent with a child in High School, in the Lakes Region Schools

Deb worked for me as an advocate and I was very pleased with her personally and professionally. She helped my daughter tremendously and turned around a bad situation from not getting any response from teachers, never getting anything properly supported for my daughter into supported 100%!!!  I was very relieved and happy and so was my daughter.

I would highly recommend her to anybody and if they need to speak to me I would love to give my input on more information. She is a wonderful person with a big heart and she knows how to make the difference for the parent and the child's life in school. Good luck Deb Davis on your future endeavors!