The four goals of this outreach:

-Educate parents about the permitted and prohibited uses of restraint and seclusion.

-Encourage parents to work collaboratively with schools to ensure their child’s behavior is being appropriately understood.

-Reduce the number of restraint and seclusion incidents by educating parents and schools about preventative strategies and measures.

-And, once a restraint and seclusion incident has occurred, provide the families with sufficient information to engage in the debriefing process with the school and make the necessary adjustments to prevent restraint and seclusion from occurring again.

Last fall, 2017-2018 NH-ME LEND Family Trainee, Jodie Hall (pictured, right), began a community leadership field placement with Deb Davis to plan and develop effective and engaging outreach materials to help parents understand their rights, the rights of their children, and the Chapter 33 rule.


​​​​​Deb Davis
Non-Attorney Education Advocate

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