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Advocates still cautious as Maine tightens rule on physical restraint in schools

By Andrew Cullen

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Children held down: Families question use of therapeutic restraints in Maine public schools

By Emily Parkhurst

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo: Eric Zelz

Use of restraint, ‘timeout rooms’ in Maine schools being re-examined

By Christopher Cousins

Photo: Andrew Cullen / The Forecaster

Deb Davis, a Falmouth mother, was a member of the group of student advocates, education specialists, and others who worked to rewrite the Maine Department of Education's rules on use of "therapeutic restraint" and seclusion of students.

Photo: Emily Parkhurst / The Forecaster

Brandon Baizley pauses for a brief moment while playing on the playground at Pleasant Hill School in Scarborough. In the past year and half, Brandon has been subjected to more than 20 restraints by Scarborough Public School staff, which his parents say were extreme and dangerous.