* review your child's educational records;

* provide a case summary;

* determine issues;

* determine assessment history and needs;

* provide detailed recommendations;

* determine strategy;

* research all applicable information;

* write needed documentation;

* coach you how to work with your school;

* provide support, as needed;
* help you to prepare for IEP meetings;

* help you to create parental concerns statements;
* support you at meetings;
* audio record meetings;

* prepare after meeting parent statements;

* review incident report forms;
* help you get and stay organized;

* keep a set of organized records and correspondence;

* but, do not provide any legal advice.

My experience as an education advocate started off as a parent of a child with developmental disabilities. For the past 8 years, I've worked collaboratively with my child’s school team for an individualized educational plan, with appropriate educational and functional supports, related services and classroom accommodations.

In 2011, I was invited by the Maine 

Commissioner of Education to serve on the Consensus Based Rulemaking Team, that was revising the rule governing physical restraint and seclusion. For the past 3 years, I've served on the Maine 

Developmental Disabilities Council.

Since the spring of 2013, I've been working for families, supporting them to navigate through the complicated special education process. 

I've been working with many school districts in Maine and have faced many diverse challenges and disabilities. I'm excited to continue my journey, in my 4th year working directly for families, as a 

non-attorney education advocate.

As your child's advocate, it's my 

mission to work diligently and 

passionately towards a more 

successful educational outcome. 

Call me for a free initial 
consultation and we can determine the advocacy support that is 
workable within your budget. Both direct support with your school or indirect, private consulting services are available. ​The first step is to provide me copies (not originals) of the educational file, going back about 2 years. As your advocate, I will:

Deb Davis

Non-Attorney Education Advocate



Deb Davis Advocacy

Working collaboratively towards successful outcomes