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Miller & Phalon, P. A.​

​​​​​Deb Davis
Non-Attorney Education Advocate

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As of January 3, 2023, I have joined

Miller & Phalon, P.A. as their Non-Attorney

Education Advocate! Check out our website:


​I am excited to join Miller & Phalon to advance the goal of expanding access to special education advocacy in Maine! M&P is a law firm located on Munjoy Hill in Portland that centers around education law, civil rights of students, and juvenile defense.

The firm is the legacy of Chester & Vestal, Maine's premiere juvenile defense firm for over 40 years. Attorneys Amy Phalon and Amber Miller are deeply committed to advocating for the civil rights of children and youth. 

My experience as an Education Advocate started as a parent of a child with developmental disabilities. In 2011, I joined the Rulemaking Stakeholder Team, who revised the restraint and seclusion state rule. In 2013, a revised, safer rule was passed in the Maine Legislature.

I served on the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council for 8 years, including being voted on the Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Council. I've also worked with the Maine DOE as a stakeholder on the Title I Committee of Practitioners for 5 years.

I'm proud that I have collaboratively worked with school districts across Maine and attended many IEP meetings for over 67 families of students with diverse challenges and disabilities.